Please send a check to: Washington Montessori Institute, 5600 Rivertech Court, Suite K, Riverdale Park, MD 20737.

The Washington Montessori Institute is a 501(c)(3).  We prefer your donation via check so that more of your dollars can go towards supporting WMI, its mission, and its vision.

For your convenience, we have a PayPal link below.  There is an “Add a note” section on the donation page in PayPal to indicate a reason for your donation!  Please note that we incur a 3% fee for donations via credit cards.

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To friends and colleagues of Dr. Jan A.J. Stolwijk. WMI is grateful to receive support in the memory of Dr. Stolwijk. As we embark on our mission of training teachers and championing the cause of quality education for all children, we will bear in mind your generosity.  If using the PayPal link above, please indicate in the “Add a note” section that you are donating in memory of Dr. Stolwijk.  Thank you.